The California Community Schools Network

We are an informal group of practitioners, advocates, and policymakers coming together to share information and promote impactful practice and to influence state and local level policymaking to support local community schools work.

A Community Schools Approach

Every child deserves a full complement of supports and opportunities for healthy development, to succeed in school and reach her full potential.

Every community has the resources required to ensure that these foundational needs are met for each child.

In a community schools approach, school districts partner with families, local government and community-based organizations to align all available resources and expertise behind strengthening families and supporting student success. Schools become resource hubs as well as centers of community life.

A community school is not just a set of services located on site, but a new way of working … a powerful way of doing business.



All California students will have the full range of supports and opportunities they need in order to be successful in school, career and life. Our education systems will effectively work together with community institutions to take responsibility for this success.



The California Community Schools Network will leverage California’s unique assets to boost student achievement by promoting, supporting and enhancing collaboration between schools and their community partners. The California Community Schools Network will connect local community school efforts to each other and with statewide stakeholder / advocacy organizations to:

  • Highlight and share information about impactful community school policies and practices, especially in the California context
  • Share information about the range of technical assistance available to local community school efforts across California
  • Build broader understanding and support for community schools among local and state-level policymakers, school and community leaders
  • Develop and promote a state-level policy framework (administrative and legislative) that supports local community schools work, including a focus on the range of contributing funding streams