Deanna Niebuhr

Hi Omar,

We’re just getting districts to sign up to share their funding schemes for CS coordinators.  When these examples are ready, we will post the tool in the Resource Library and announce that we’ve published via the monthly newsletter.  We’re expecting for that to be ready in late Spring 2017.  In the meantime, the Partnership for Children & Youth will be posting a guide to CS financing in the next month.  Happy to share what we know from that research on full initiatives and all their parts.

For coordinators, some funding streams that are in play / usually blended funding, included:  School-based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities program, Title I, 21st Century CLC grants, and now LCFF funds.

We also know of communities, where community partners, like the City, are pitching in to pay part of the costs through children’s funds they have developed via parcel taxes etc.

There’s lots to think about.  But that’s the work.  Please stay tuned and stay in touch.