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    I am pondering to get a permit for my younger kid to start driving with me before he’s 18.  I’ll be clear, I have some qualms about putting a minor on the road, I am not fully convinced this is wise. When I was young (been a while! in another country!), nobody would put a kid on the road before they turned 18, and many parents would wait until the youngsters turn 21. But then public transportation infrastructure was much more developed than in the US, so I can accept the fact that things are different here. Plus my son is quite responsible and mature at the young age of 17.Irrespective of such aptitude (or lack thereof) views, is there a financial incentive of doing so? Do car insurances provide some kind of discount if a teenager starts to drive before 18, and goes through the whole process (drivers ed course, 50 hours of driving with a parent, etc)?Let me qualify the context:1. this is for Massachusetts. In an area where not driving for another year is not particularly limitative for a teenager.2. if posters could please focus on the financial aspects of my question (as opposed to the broader topic), this would be appreciated…

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