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    katie brackenridge


    SB1221 changed Ed Code for expanded learning providers – removing out-dated accountability requirements like test scores and replacing them with a new requirement that CDE-funded expanded learning grantees show evidence that they are engaged in a continuous improvement process toward the state’s new quality standards.  To be clear, grantees don’t have to reach a prescribed level of quality or even demonstrate improvement.  In keeping with best practice around low-stakes improvement processes, grantees need to show that they are actively and intentionally assessing, planning and implementing program improvements.  CDE’s After School Division has a simple 3-question form used to certify compliance with this requirement.  Of course, the larger hope is that this requirement – implemented with guidance from the state’s system of support – will help programs improve in order to have a greater impact on the children and youth they serve.  Tools from the California Afterschool Network can help grantees develop the improvement process and decide what tool to use.
    There are lots of questions in the field right now about what this requirement means for programs.  What questions do you have or are you hearing?


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