Partnership for Children & Youth

PCY provides technical assistance to support the quality of after school and summer learning programs.

City of San Pablo

The City of San Pablo has five elementary schools: Dover, Downer, Riverside, Bayview and Lake and one junior high school: Walter T. Helms Middle School. In 2012, the City of San Pablo passed a resolution to make all of its schools Community Schools. Currently, Walter T. Helms Middle School is the pilot site and an emerging community school. In the new 2015-2016 school year, City of San Pablo and West Contra Costa Unified School District will be working together in implementing the community school strategy in two San Pablo elementary schools.

San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco Bay Area Community Schools Network

Purpose Statement of Advisory Council for S.F. Bay Area Community Schools Network has been developed along with vision and mission statement. Purpose statement is:
i. Validates or Refines the vision and mission for the Network as it evolves
ii. Designs the Network’s infra-structure to include participation from all stakeholder types and from all levels of organizations involved in community schools field
iii. Is the voice of the field
iv. Enables the practitioner community to identify, guide, and direct TA, training and approaches used to meet the real needs of FSCS Districts, schools, and their communities
v. Develops a coordinated TA, training and professional development system for providers and intermediaries to meet real identified needs of FSCS Districts, schools, and their communities in developing full service community schools
vi. Enables the field to critique, problem solve, and build a system that is sustainable and continues to guide the TA, training, and professional development needs of the field as it grows and matures
vii. Develops strategies and works to further develop the FSCS movement
viii. Keeps the Network up to date with what is going on in the field in the region
ix. Identifies and maps sites that display best practices both with regards to the components of community school services and overall FSCS management and operations
x. Considers issues related to resourcing the work

Network participants include school districts and schools, governmental agencies, and community based organizations within the Bay Area Counties including:
San Francisco
Contra Costa
San Mateo