Collaborate to Innovate: Advance Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards through K-12 and Expanded Learning Partnerships

Collaborate to Innovate describes the opportunities for collaboration created by new K-12 standards and the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs in California. The document outlines specific strategies and resources to support K-12 and expanded learning collaboration to advance high-quality STEM learning.

P21 Common Core Toolkit: A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with The Framework for 21st Century Skills

A toolkit designed for state and district leaders who are interested in implementing the Common Core Standards in ways that strengthen the 4Cs – critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity and innovation.

Glossary of Terms Related To Career Academies

A glossary to provide a common understanding for the field of the overlaps and differences among various delivery models and initiatives related to college and career readiness. The entries fall into two broad categories: the “how”, or delivery models; and the “what”, the underlying standards and initiatives.