Family Engagement Toolkit: Continuous Improvement through an Equity Lens

This Family Engagement Toolkit by the California Department of Education strives to help answer the following big questions for districts and schools:

  1. How can we increase the engagement of underrepresented families?
  2. How can we help teachers and administrators become more skilled and comfortable working with all families?
  3. What kind of family engagement activities are likely to lead to the biggest learning advances for students?
  4. How can we know if our family engagement efforts are having the desired effect?

Unique aspects of this toolkit:

  1. Addresses the importance of integrating family engagement with each district’s student learning goals
  2. Includes an explicit commitment to equity in every phase of family engagement
  3. Uses the dual capacity-building framework in planning and implementation of family engagement
  4. Focuses on the role of the district and the district coordinator in leading a process of continuous improvement at schools across the district