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icon6Nuts + Bolts

Building community schools is about changing the way we work. The Community Schools approach involves creating shared vision, problem solving in teams, starting with assessment and using data, building systems for continuous adult learning, leveraging resources and building an infrastructure that supports coordination and integration. Search

Student Learning

The Community Schools approach is founded on a strong instructional core program with qualified and supported teachers, a challenging curriculum, and high standards. To meet these expectations, schools implement inclusive and integrated practices, and provide collaborative learning opportunities for both teachers and learners. The range of developmental needs is considered, and social emotional learning is an integral part of the curriculum and professional development. Search

icon4Family Engagement

Genuine family engagement is at the heart of Community Schools work. There is mutual respect and effective collaboration among students, families, and school staff. Families are supported to actively engage in their own student’s education, partnerships between families and their teachers are nurtured, and families have the opportunity to play meaningful leadership roles within the school and community. Search


To ensure student success, the basic physical, mental and emotional health needs of young people and their families must be recognized and addressed. This includes supporting the entire school community to share responsibility in promoting a safe, supportive, restorative, and respectful climate for learning (including disciplinary practices), so students can develop their talents, form positive relationships with peers and adults, and serve as resources to their community; and so families can support their children. Search

icon1Readiness + Transitions

Schools and their partners work to create seamless and supported educational pathways for all students. Students are prepared and supported as they move from early childhood into elementary, middle, and high school, and beyond into careers and higher education. Search

Expanded Learning

California’s investment in after school is the biggest resource available to support student success after the classroom itself. Thoughtful partnering between the school day and expanded learning providers is critical to providing students with enriching learning opportunities and making the most of the time and money we invest in expanded learning opportunities. Search

Communication Tools

Advocates and practitioners need to communicate clearly and effectively about how the Community Schools approach benefits students, families, educators and entire communities. Search