Welcome to the California Community Schools Network!

We’re excited to be rolling out a new online network to connect every level of community schools work in California. We wanted to create an informal space for community members, educators, practitioners, administrators, and policymakers to come together, share information, and think comprehensively about supporting our students.

California has years of experience doing community schools work. We’ve been working hard to address the achievement gap by better using public resources to ensure that not only basic needs are met, but that each student has the opportunity to grow and reach his or her full potential.

But much of this ‘know-how’ and its impact has flown under the radar. We created this website to facilitate discussion and information sharing, as well as to highlight the good work taking place across the state. We believe that you – the local practitioners, educators, and policymakers – hold key resources and expertise that will benefit others working on community school development and improvement. We want this site to function as a social networking tool, specifically geared toward those who know and understand the importance of this work – whether you’re already running an exemplary program or have come across road blocks and need some advice or questions answered.

Join the Network and be part of the conversation!
Get on the map to showcase your district or community-wide efforts
Ask a question or start a conversation in the forum
Add an event to the calendar
Add a resource to the library and highlight it in the forum
Find a resource in the library and rate it
Submit a blog post

We hope that we can work together to share best practices and provide each other with the right tools to enhance this work in each of our communities. So go ahead, test out the site. We’d love to hear what you think!

Deanna Niebuhr
Senior Director, Community Schools Initiative
Partnership for Children and Youth